About Us

Blanc.Noize, a fashion brand rooted in minimalism. We help women step outside of the box by offering designs that stand out from the crowd.  A design philosophy deeply loved by its two founders.  The two have always loved fashion since as far back as they both could remember. C, the one who loves European sophistication and S, who's entire closet revolves around minimalistic chic.  On a restless summer's evening, they both shared a common epiphany, "...why not combine the two styles and create a European minimalistic look!". Just like that, Blanc.Noize was born.

Korean designed fashion and made in Korean and Australia. We only source the highest quality of fabrics while curating the most exceptional RTW pieces. Every style of clothing we make are only limited to 50 max per SKU because let's face it, no ones likes showing up to a party just to dress like everyone else. So don't worry babes, we've got you covered. 

Enjoy Shopping! & Welcome Home Baby, XOXO Love, S&C